Club XTC Swingers Club has been in business since 1995 Starting in Dallas Texas and then Moving to Los Angeles.   We also opened a club in Los Angeles in 2011.  We have since partnered with the best underground parties in town and we are proud to get you RSVP invitations and discounts to the best underground private parties around.   Being a pinkcaddy.org member gets you into the door of the best adult lifestyle parties.


From Freekslikeus     01/23/15
We havd gone to the parties a few times. Always great to have options of parties where people actually fuck. She especially likes the pink taco nights for some reason ;).


From deepinme38     12/14/14

we had the opportunity to attend one of these parties and WOW was fun. Great host, sociable couples, and many beautiful women. we can’t wait to make it to the next party. There is no party like a P-town party.


From redirish4u     04/30/15
Okay, I am a complete idiot, and for some reason that I cannot fathom I have failed to write a review for this amazing place. So here goes, this is an amazing place, no pressure and no drama. Both of our set of hosts made both of us feel very happy and relaxed. The music is great for bumping and stripping and the food, what can I not say about the food other than it’s great. If you get the chance to go and get to know this place you will not be disappointed and you just might get a pole dancing class from X. :::::::::)


From TLC4ever     04/11/12
Ok Club XTC is a must go to place for anyone that hasnt been. As soon as you walk in you feel like you have been going forever. Everyone is so friendly and loves to have fun anyway they choose. Nice and Cozy you feel right at home. I dont even know where to start in describing the hosts X and V they are just 2 people that love to have fun with a perma grin 🙂 lol.. If you like a no pressure, fun filled, friendly crowd that will have you coming back for more then I highly recommend CLUB XTC… Thanks X and V for giving us all a place to come back to. ***Smiles**** L

Ready4Action Couple

From ready4daaction     04/09/12
This cert I think is way over due. Now that we’ve been there so many times (at least 7 times), we want everyone to know of favorite place to party. Yes, this was our little secret but now is out. Club XTC is definitely a great place to meet, party, talk with other people and dance. Xavier and his wife are awesome host and they will make sure that you feel welcome. Last Saturday we attended and the place was packed with great people. If you are looking for a place to party, a place filled with sexy people, a place with great music and great and great food (thanks to Carlos and Rosalinda Latinos909 co-hosts) then visit Club XTC.

COOL57 Couple

From cool57     02/03/12
We have recently attended Club XTC for a sexy night out and met some old and new sexy friends there. Club XTC has a great party layout for all in the lifestyle to enjoy;great music with variety, plenty of playrooms, great staff and location which has been drawing a fun group for a night of sexy fun….we plan to come back soon for more fun….Big Hugs & Kisses, FnR

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