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We are a open lifestyle sex club house party in a commercially & residentially zoned building where Xavier holds parties at his party house every single night of the week.
This is a social club where you can hang out and meet other people, socialize or even go to the back and have some fun instead of a hotel room.

We have single ladies and single guys as well as couples who come here to play and meet other people in the lifestyle. In the lifestyle means anyone who is sexually open with having sexual relationships with others in a NSA environment.

This is like going to a cool house party and hooking up with others and everyone is getting fucked up and having a good time... and that usually ends up with something sexual right? well here you can come get your freak on and meet some cool ass people!

Please bring your own towels, condoms to the party.  This is a BYOB party.  We do allow vapor pens to be used in the club.


NO MEANS NO And only told once.

Sex is never Guaranteed.

No Prostitution!

People join our club to have uninhibited fun. Singles meet other singles who like NSA fun. You can have your fun here without giving up your life and address to a stalker like in the vanilla world.

Vapor Pens are allowed in the building and drinks can now be kept near the bed areas now. 

We will continue to strive to make it the best swingers and singles sex club in the greater Los Angeles and inland empire area of southern California.

We are not like ANY other club..we are actually a sex club atmosphere in a commercial type building.    

There are Zoning Laws! House parties can get you arrested! You must have the right zoning and neighbors to have successful house parties and we have just that! Commercial / Residential zoning.. :) You are safer at our parties than anywhere else! If you are in the lifestyle I am sure you have heard about all the house parties being closed down... especially the big ones and you probably won't get your donation back either when the cops shut them down for zoning violations.

We don't want to be like any other place around... that is why we created Club XTC! So if you haven't been here lately you should try us out again. Xavier & Tori's kids are grown and college bound.. so we are diving in godspeed!

Xavier's address is 19060 Cajon Blvd San Bernardino Ca

Look for white commercial building with red lights on top and two tall palm trees lit up.

This LA area swingers club / lifestyle / Open NSA Fun party is a Los Angeles area Lifestyle club party located in San Bernardino Ca 92407. Our members are from all over Los Angeles, LA County, San Fernando Valley, Hollywood, Orange County, and the Inland Empire including San Bernardino ca.

Our Party Days -

All Parties are RSVP! YOU MUST SUBMIT A RECENT PHOTO OF BOTH! YOU MUST BE APPROVED TO BE ON THE ATTENDEE LIST. You will be sent a confirmation if you are added onto the list. See Contact Page.

See Events Page for more information about these parties.

We also have special events such as New Years Eve Parties, Halloween Parties and other special occasion events also and those schedules vary. Check our events page for such special parties.

  • We have a very strict rule about politeness and respect!
  • no ALWAYS means NO.
  • This is a B.Y.O.B. party as we provide basic soda mixers and do NOT provide alcohol.
  • Bring your own condoms
  • Do not become over intoxicated at our parties... this makes the gentlemen perform poorly anyway and nobody likes to be around drunks... just know your limits.
  • You Must be 21 or over to enter. NO Exceptions.
  • No Arguing ... take it home
  • No Drinks in Play areas

Membership Information: Memberships are free to nice people who come out without drama and just want to have fun with other really cool people... We can and will cancel a membership if you are asked to leave a party.

You will be asked to become a member before entering the main club area.


Contact Us: Invitation and more information.

If you are interested in becoming a member of our swingers club then you should email Xavier for the membership info

Contact Page


Club XTC Adult Lifestyle sex parties. Meet & Play

We have swingers sex parties. Weekends Dress code enforced. No Thuggish clothing or flip flops, sandals on men... dress to impress.. ladies dress sexy. No-T-shirts etc on Weekends.  IF you are serious about playing then we are the right place for you.

Please bring your own condoms.


Everyone Envited to Enjoy The Adult Lifestyle at XTC

Lifestyle Club Parties

We have parties weekly at our swingers club in the Los Angeles area located near n san bernardino ca. We have 4 acres of privateparking available. This is a very comfortable and safe place to party. The swingers that come here range from 21 to 50. We have a very nice mix of people here.

Los Angeles Area Adult Lifestyle Sex Parties

Our swingers club / NSA fun parties are held each night. We are located as close to Los Angeles as we could get with our party house bld located in San Bernardino Ca. 92407